CPC Campagin Managment

Text ads for your company are placed in highly visible areas (usually the top and right-hand side) within the results for specific searches conducted in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Ask and more. You and your competitors participate in an auction-like process in which the highest bidder attains the highest ad position on the search results page for a particular word or phrase targeted to your business. You are able to bid on hundreds or even thousands of search terms, and you pay only when a potential customer clicks on your ad and is taken directly to your website.

Pay-per-click or cost-per-click search marketing has proven time and time again to be the most effective and powerful way to market online. No other method can bring qualified potential customers who are actively searching for your product directly to you so quickly. No other method is as flexible, and no other method allows you to reach your individual goals as quickly, easily or efficiently.

We do our part in optimizing your campaign and marketing strategies so that for your same campaign market spending budget you are getting the most traffic possible. That is, we want you to get the biggest bang for your buck. Each campaign will be different, but we use our set of tools to analyze your site, demographics, keyword terms, competition, ads and their placement amongst other things. Anyone can spend money with cpc marketing; we are dedicated to make sure you are satisfied with your investment.

Building the Business

Quick Points: Social Media Setup

Our building the business package offers an on-going maintenance for your websites traffic development. Each month we will review your current status and analyze your position; from there, a set of tasks are deployed in an effort to ensure that your websites organic traffic continues to grow.

Some of the tasks we would initially set out to achieve would be to work on your social media footprint. This would mean developing and maintaining pages on facebook, google plus and perhaps others like twitter, youtube, linked in and so on. There are a few points to emphasize; we want several entry points to your site, as well as, establishing your company’s presence in each of these spaces. We also want to ensure a uniform message across all of your social media and site branding.

Optimization would also be an ongoing process, looking over your page content and product data. We want to have the most productive terms integrated into every aspect of your site. This will help to entice search engines to read deeper into your pages and index more of your site content. Once this data has gone over an initial optimization, it will continually be refined as the site traffic is reviewed. Additionally, at this point we can then begin submitting your product feed to several directories and shopping comparison sites. Again, looking to build your sites page rank and increase the entry points to your site.

Aggressive / Specialized Consulting

Something tailored for you

You may decide you need to go a bit more aggressive or specialize in dealing with a specific issue.

Some examples:
  • Resolve issues a prior marketing consultant caused
  • Targeting something specific like social media or analytic tools
  • Amazon / Ebay or specialize one-time product listings and marketing reviews

Consult with our specialized team and we would be happy to create a quotation tailored to fit your budget and specifications.